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Astrology is perhaps the most powerful tool available for acquiring greater self awareness.  
It is the study of life cycles, not only the cycles of the planets, but also the cycles of our mind  

Astrology uses these cycles to reveil when unconscious parts of ourselves will be triggered and become manifest in our lives. For this reason, Astrology has become the primary tool for the field of unconscious psychology. It was the works of depth psychologist Carl G. Jung that demonstrated Astrology's power in terms of giving significance to synchronicity, transformative or life altering experiences, or changes in behavior as a reflection of unconscious factors.

Astrology is a spiritual art because it brings us into awareness of our unconscious, and how this is worked out primarily through relationships.  Astrology demonstrates our connectivity to all of life.  Astrology allows us to know when life transitions are to occur.  In these moments, we flower into new phases of the self, repeat old phases of self, and by the law of synchronicity we make relationships that mirror our inner change, that challenge us to grow, heal and evolve.

By calling me today for a reading, you are taking another step on your journey of self discovery.  All of us humans get lost in the maze of physical life.  We are cosmic beings that often forget our initial purpose, often abandoning our gifts, our inner light.  

From my reading, you will come to understand why you experience the patterns in your life, whether it be about money or love and relationships or career success.  When your unconscious becomes conscious, you gain greater control over your life.  With me as your guide, I can help you bring to a close any painful or negative patterns by helping you take advantage of dates and times that are positive for you... times that the universe is calling your name and wants you to unlock those amazing gifts that are inside of you.

Thank you for coming to my page.  It will be an honor to work with you

Bill Walker, The Oregon Astrologer