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21 Years Experience in Counseling with Astrology and Reiki.  
Specializing in Gambling Astrology and Relationship Karma


  • Includes Natal Birth Chart
  • Complete Lifespan Analysis
  • Key transformative dates in past, present and future
  • 1 hour private consultation in person or by phone                   

Complete Consultation Packages may take up to 5 days to complete due to the scope of work and high volume of readings.  You will receive your reading and consultation appointment in no more than 5 days.

Name & Phone or Email
Date, Time and Place of Birth


  • Includes 2 Natal Birth Charts
  • Synastry Chart and Report
  • Full Report detailing dynamics, purpose, and resolutions
  • Key transformative dates in past, present and future
  • 90 minute private consulation in person or by phone      
Name, Date/Time/Place of Birth
Name #2, Date/Time/Place Birth

SPECIAL OFFER Single Question/Focus   $25

Do you have a major question or concern affecting your life at this moment?  Do you just want to know what it is, what it means, or when it will end without the extra expense of a complete life analysis?  

This will require your precise birth data just like a complete consulation does.  I will focus on where you are currently in your personal life cycles and, given your question or concern, give you the best answers and solutions that astrology can offer.

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Regular Client Consultation   $50

This is for an already estabilshed client.  If this will be your first consulation with me, you need to choose either the Personal Consultation or Relationship Package.  Once I have done your chart, I will be able to consult with you in the future without having to set up another chart from scratch.  

For my Regular Clients, my rate is $50 per hour.  You will have the option at payment to select multiple hours.  Please call me at 541-515-5193 if you need assistance determining how long you will need depending on your issue and the depth of necessary research/astrology work

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