Official Site of Bill Walker, the Oregon Astrologer
21 Years Experience in Counseling with Astrology and Reiki.  
Specializing in Gambling Astrology and Relationship Karma

Ready to let go of everything holding you back? Ready to make self sabotage a thing of the past? If you have been walking around wondering …"When will it end?" or "When will it begin?" or "Why, why, why?" Astrology is perhaps the most powerful tool for acquiring self awareness. This greatly surpasses the lameness of the horoscopes you'll find in the Sunday paper where the short non-specific paragraph can apply to any and everyone. This is a complete blow-your-mind-how-does-he-know-that? kind of experience which will actually allow you to better see your patterns and make the changes that will allow you to evolve toward greater personal understanding and happiness.  What are you waiting for??  You will be astounded!

Melissa White

Ashland, OR

Thank you for illuminating my path in this portion of my journey!!

Jennifer W.

Ashland, OR

He's not messing around...

Heather Morrison

Carbondale, IL

I had my son's chart done by Bill. He really took the time to thoroughly explain every detail and made himself available for further questions when needed. He is very genuine and a joy to work with!

Sam Dunn

Memphis, TN

Thank you so much for all the insight over the years!

Bill McMullin

Memphis, TN

Thank you so much for your reading! You are truly amazing! Well done!!

Didi K. Rurangirwa

London, UK

I have had several charts done by Bill, and they have all been amazing! I keep them next to my bed and read them each morning to help ground myself, and remember where I came from and where I need to be going! I highly recommend his services.

Summer Sheets Booker

Grants Pass, OR

Bill is the man!! Very accurate and detailed chart work, hits close to home. I am very lucky to have him as a friend, he is one of the most talented astrologists, and in my opinion, one of the greatest philosophers, out there. smile emoticon Keep up the great work Bill!!! xoxoxo

Cecilia Lee Norwood

Memphis, TN

this is wow wow Bill is the real deal...still in a state...he laid it out straight up like man this guy feels me!!!

Rocka Phoenix

Tokoza, South Africa

I really want to thank you for your time today and the work you put into my chart. I really received affirmation of many of the ideas I'd had about my family - and my kids especially. What you do is important, your contribution is important, please continue shining your light in this way and thank you again

Luna C.

Little Rock, AR

Wow Bill, this is amazing!!  I have read this over and over again and I get something deeper out of it everytime.  

Jennifer B.

Mt. Shasta, CA

What astounds me most is the accuracy of the events and family dynamics.  Thank you for sharing your gift!


Memphis, TN