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21 Years Experience in Counseling with Astrology and Reiki.  
Specializing in Gambling Astrology and Relationship Karma

The Oregon Astrologer began specializing in Gambling Astrology over a decade ago!

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Bill Walker, Professional Astrologer and Reiki Master

Thank you for visiting my site.  I am honored that you are here

I have been a teacher, researcher and counselor in the field of Astrology since 1997.  My technique creates a holistic experience of life-span analysis, exploration of the past, evolution of your relationship dynamics, as well as dream exploration in order to bring to you an awareness of how your unconscious mind helps to shape the patterns of your everyday reality.  

I promise that you will come to know and understand more deeply your purpose in this lifetime, the karma that dictates your cycles of experience, and real solutions towards honoring your authentic gifts and living your highest purpose

Bill Walker, the Oregon Astrologer